Adult club tucson

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I've been thinking about it a lot and i think i would be a pretty good stripper.

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I love dancing and i know how to deal with difficult people while staying pleasant. This isn't a whim decision being made on a desperation to make money, but something i've always wanted to do. From what i can tell, a lot of what makes working at a strip club comfortable is the type of club it is.

I do want to be choosy and not settle for a place where there's a large chance of me being in unsafe situations. So it'd be great if i could hear some input from people who have worked in strip clubs in the area or who have been to strip clubs they believe would be a good place to work.

I must stress that i have given this a lot of thought and would really appreciate it if we kept the comments questioning that at a minimum. Thanks for the he up! This is the exact type of information i wanted.

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I've been to several of the clubs in town and there are some that feel fun and some that are pretty creepy. If you want a place with no alcohol, you can work at Eden 18 and up are allowed in and it is full nudity. They usually have lots of security too. Tens and Curves do serve alcohol but are the other two that I have enjoyed going to.

Tens is near Speedway and Rosemont while curves is at Oracle and Grant. The one thing though is that drugs are pretty freely passed around at strip clubs.

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I've seen some pretty coked or methed out girls. Not trying to dissuade you, just giving you a he up. Yeah i've heard a lot about the whole drug scene but it's not something i'm super worried about. But i will definitely stay on my toes. And thanks for the info! I think i'm gonna call up one of my male buddies and we'll go scope those out. Curves, Tens, and Eden are probably the best in town.

Check them out as a customer to get a good feel. Are all three full nudity? I haven't been to a strip club in Tucson yet. Most chicks I know that have strippedhave gone on to escorting. In all honesty you should look into doing private shows, like bachelor party's where they request you dress up as a naughty school girl, you do your show collect your dollars.

In my opinion it seems way more classy and discrete. On the plus side you get to show off your stripper moves, it's over like in three hours tops, plus the satisfaction that you gave someones future husband his last hard on.

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Found the internet! Kinda odd question, but does anyone have any experience working at strip clubs here? Posted by 7 years ago. Sort by: best.

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Continue this thread. Native Tucsonan. The donkey shows are south of the border. Yeah that wasn't creepy at all. More posts from the Tucson community.

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Home to the University of Arizona, Tucson has many vintage shops, nightclubs and restaurants on Fourth Avenue near the campus. We have plenty of cacti and beautiful scenery to enjoy!

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Adult club tucson

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