Lookin for that special guy

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Your guy may seem cool and confident and never fish for praise, but underneath, he needs to know you appreciate him and like who he is. Beyond praise of his looks and physique which are nice but superficialyour recognition of his good charactercharm, intelligence, hard work, career success, values, and integrity go a long way in cementing a bond between you.

Try saying things like. And hopefully you really do. You know the guy in question better than we do, but the following points are worth considering:. Everyone, guys included, likes to hear compliments about how they look. Keep in mind a text can be noticed by others, so this may not be the best vehicle for a sex compliment. Focus on one of the following:. If you could only use one word to compliment the man in your life, the following steps can help you find the best words to use:.

Now that you know how to deliver a compliment your favorite guy will love, go ahead and look through the following list to find at least one great compliment for today. Each of the following compliments for men comes with an explanatory follow-up thought.

You can either add it to your compliment or use it as inspiration. You are so handsome. You can make any outfit look good. You have a great sense of style. I like the clothes you wear. Not every guy has a knack for picking out clothes that look great on him.

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I love to watch you move. Just looking at you makes me smile. The sight of you makes everything better. When I look into your eyes, I see intelligence, humor, and kindness. I could look into them all day. You smell fantastic.

Your smile is my favorite thing. Nothing lights me up inside like seeing you smile. Ties me in knots every time I see it. Never lose the smirk. I love your feet.

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Fine with me if you walk around barefoot most of the time. I love watching your mouth. I see how other women are drawn to you. You did a fantastic job at [latest job well done]. I love watching you work. You just keep getting better at it. And I love the view. Recount some of his accomplishments and remark on why they matter and how proud you are of him. If I have any questions, I know whom to ask. You continually impress me. I admire the way you handled that situation.

You treated others with respect and took calm, decisive action. You set a good example for others. I love watching the way you treat people. I know I can trust you to treat people with patience, respect, and fairness — however they treat you. You amaze me. Just watching and listening to you makes me want to be better. Where should I start? Have I told you lately how much I love it when you cook? You never get bored of learning new things. I want to learn with you. I read everything you write.

Everything feels like it was written just for me. You combine intelligence and drive with a strong work ethic. You inspire people around you, including me. Can you help me fix this? You have a knack for fixing things and making them better. You listen to understand — not to win an argument.

I love listening to your ideas. The way your mind works fascinates me. I admire your courage and your sense of adventure. You crack me up all the time. I admire your character and your compassion. Having a good time with you is effortless. No one is more fun than you are. I love talking to you and listening to you talk.

Life with you is never boring. You have a knack for saying what I need to hear. I need you around more often. You have never been afraid of losing — just of failing to learn from it. You inspire me to take more risks. You help me feel calm when everything turns to chaos. You can take even lame jokes and make them funny. How do you do that? These compliments express your love in a variety of ways by showing your man how he, his words, and his behavior make you feel. Because while no one wants to be responsible for making someone happy all the time, how he makes you feel still matters.

A lot. You remind me every day. I feel perfectly comfortable being myself. You make me feel like someone worth standing up for. I feel valued and supported. That smile of yours says everything. You make me feel like I can do anything. Your confidence in me has changed my life. Just thinking of you makes me feel braver. I will always choose you. You are my greatest comfort. And it is better with you. I can always count on you to see the best in me. I want to see me as you do. You put so much thought into everything you doas if it were the last thing you could do for someone.

I love spending mornings with you. Your smiles and hugs are better than the strongest coffee. I can always count on you to help me put things in perspective. Your insights and compassion have helped me make better choices.

Keep talking. Something about you makes me want to grab hold of you and kiss you. Last night was incredible. You know exactly how to get me in the mood. You know exactly how I want to be touched — when I want to be touched. Use this power for good. When I hear your voice, my mind goes to some dark places — which reminds me, we should find one of those… like right now.

Would you mind wearing this blanket for a day? I want it to smell like you.

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I have a hard time not staring at you right now. My eyes are getting tired. For the ultimate multi-tasker, pay your guy a compliment while making him laugh because oh, that laugh! Try any of the following, and let them inspire you to create your own.

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