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Developing a rapport with a girl you like can take time. Not everyone has an immediate connection with effortless communication. Communication relies heavily on the connections we have. Some of us thrive with a friend or partner that is the antithesis of our own personality and style, others need someone with tastes similar to their own. So, dig a little deeper and ask her about herself. First things first, introductions!

So, make sure you ask for her name and commit it to memory. We recommend saying over in your head three times when you first hear it to avoid having to ask twice! Simple questions will get the ball rolling. Go ahead and ask about her current occupation.

Maybe the two of you are in the same field and can geek out and talk shop together. When she was growing up, did she dream of being a veterinarian or a rocket scientist? Has she grown up to succeed in the career field she dreamt of as ? She could have a birthday coming up soon, giving you two an excuse to hang out.

As if you needed an excuse to see her. You might also ask what her is. If she reacts as though the question is corny, that gives you some insight as to what types of things she might not be interested in. This question is a good follow-up to asking when her birthday is. Not everyone makes it through life unscathed. Some people are so accident prone they could have a hospital wing named after them. But asking about minor injuries, such as a broken arm, is harmless. Bonus points if you follow up with your own harrowing story of having eaten it skiing and went home in a cast!

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Ask her about her literary prowess. Is she an avid reader or does she just find comfort in a certain novel series? Similar to question 7 but broader. Game nights are an excellent way to bond with a girl. But first, find out which form of entertainment she prefers. If she says neither, ask her for an alternative activity indoors. Is she content in her situation or does the idea of taking to the open road and forging her own path excite her? This can segue into a hopes and dreams type conversation, touching on dream travel destinations and bucket list items.

The internet has been feuding for years about the moral standing of pineapple pizza. Asking her opinion on the bromeliad topped pizza will definitely help move the conversation along.

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Or she might be more sentimental and choose to experience a moment with family members from her past. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or does she abstain from all forms of social media? If she has the same social media as you, this is your chance to add her on it!

Get to know a little more about her inner workings of her mind. Is she the eccentric lead singer, or the reserved, yet cool, bassist? Part of building relationships is opening up to someone about your passions and interests.

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To spend the time, money, and effort to have a collection implies importance. So, regardless of what she collects, asking her about it will help her slowly open up to you about more personal elements without being too revealing. Of course, she might not have any collections of her own, driving you to follow-up with your own collection revelation. This is a fun question that will give you a chance to see her creative side. Feel free to get some brainstorming going on together, or if her invention is incredibly wacky, throw in some flirtatious teasing.

Was she out on the field or sitting on the sidelines? Use this question as a chance to challenge her to a little sometime in the future. Is she a jetsetter or a homebody, and how does that mesh with your lifestyle? If the two of you share a dream destination, then go ahead and plan your ultimate trip together. Some tasks are so mundane but necessary it feels like pulling teeth to perform them. However, we all have different opinions about which monotonous responsibilities are the worst.

Would she jump at the chance to never brush her hair again or never wash the dishes? Her answer may surprise you. This question is sure to bring about some interesting answers. But sometimes the memories that stick with us are more absurd than they are ificant. Either way, it can be fun to talk about! Does she require five separate alarms going off every few minutes to get going in the morning or does she naturally rise at the crack of dawn? Get an idea of what your future could hold with this question.

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Everyone has a favorite animal but what animal does she see herself as in a different life? This is an example of a fun question that could deviate towards a deeper conversation. Take it a step further and ask her why she would end up as that specific animal.

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Just be ready to give her your answer as well. These could range from juggling, to playing the guitar behind her back. Finding out about the talent is sure to drum up a good conversation, but the story behind how she discovered it in the first place might be even better. How much of a thrill seeker is she? Asking her questions about your interests is an advantageous way to learn more about her while also offering up some information about yourself. If she has seen it, hopefully she enjoys it as much as you do!

There are many nuances when it comes to conversing with someone. From different topics to learning how to read the room. Simple, but it works to keep conversations alive. Go ahead and embrace small talk. Not everything needs to be a vigorous debate.

Asking her a more specific question will allow for her to be better prepared to answer, and allow for you to have a better understanding of her interests and hobbies. Have you been neighbors for years or is she new to the area? If she seems interested in talking to you maybe offer to buy her a second drink. Avoid being a creep by trying to read her body language. Either way, you will find some fun and flirty questions to have a well-balanced conversation in the list below.

Do you have any unconventional attractions? If you do then go ahead and ask what her absurd turn on is. It also requires the two of you to open up to each other more intimately. Get to know more about her mischievous side and ask her about the craziest hook up location.

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Is she down for a spontaneous hook up or does she stick to the bedroom? But why not ask her? Just be sure to sound slightly flirtatious yourself when posing the question! What are your chances of taking things a little further? What Hollywood hunk are you up against? Some dates are so awful you never want to relive them, even as a story. When can I leave? What are some of her hilariously bad dating experiences?

Take some tips from this question so you never end up as the answer in the future. Has she ever completely embarrassed herself in front of a guy she was seeing? Nevertheless, embarrassing dates and interactions with the opposite sex happen to everyone in one form or another, so this question is easy for both parties to relate to.

Just a simple question about whether or not she found any of her past educators attractive.

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Did she have a crush on her childhood best friend or the popular boy in school? Cheesy pickup lines to the front! Now is the time to follow-up and jokingly ask her if it hurt when she fell…from heaven. You think about me? Has someone actually asked her about her fall from heaven?

Learn more about what turns her off by asking her to recant her most cringe-worthy pickup attempts. How else will you know what to cook for her the morning after she spends the night? Find out what traits bring out her self-confidence. What qualities or physical attributes does she find appealing? Have some fun and figure out the best way for two names to become one. Intimacy and trust are going to form the more two people share their more personal feelings. Asking about family is bound to lead to an interesting conversation. Watch for somebody and facial cues though because this could also be a sensitive topic for some girls.

Any sibling rivalry or are they a couple peas in a pod? Just take the lead and maybe tell her about your siblings instead. If she does have siblings, what about nieces and nephews? After asking about her nieces and nephews you can casually ask her about her own plans for a family. But how close? Does she live across the country from them, or does she live down the street from them? Heights, spiders, clowns, the Pope? Expressing our fears to other people is another way to build trust and companionship. After a long day does she enjoy some alone time to relax, or does she hit the gym to work out some frustrations?

Everybody makes mistakes. However, sometimes the mistakes we make are illegal. Is she a solitary person or does she enjoy having company at home?

Ready for some fun girl

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