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Interestingly, neither of the actresses would have had it any other way. Davis, a Juilliard graduate, was in her mids by the time she won her first of two Tony Awards in plays by August Wilson. And this year, at 50, Ms. Falco, 52, followed a similar path of building slowly on each success. For her work as Carmela and Jackie, Ms. She is one of only four actresses ever to have won one of each in one season. Davis and sparkling water for Ms.

Philip Galanes: Thanks to celebrity magazines, I know that you … Oh, look! You both grimaced simultaneously. Edie Falco: Celebrities are just famous people. None of the outside effects, no celebrity or interviews — no offense …. EF: And the ones who really wanted to act were doing theater. PG: So you came to New York and auditioned like crazy? EF: If you were lucky enough to get an audition.

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PG: Sounds grim. EF: I had nothing else to do. No Plan B for that. Jane Fonda once told me she stopped working for 15 years because she was depressed. But I worked because I had to. EF: I have so much fondness for that kid I was. People said horrible things about my body and the way I looked, which seemed within the realm of acceptable because I was an actor. But I got up and went out to another audition the next day.

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VD: A passion that outweighed the failure. PG: You worked as waiters? EF: For a million years. VD: And ate Spam. But all the bad plays I did, all the terrible jobs, they taught me the kind of actor I wanted to be. They cemented my passion. PG: You both had rough childhoods. Why choose careers that put you right back in that place?

We come together so intimately as actors, then break apart, which was the exact narrative I grew up in. VD: I stumbled onto the best profession to heal my childhood. The only one that lets you release and express whatever is ugly and messy and beautiful about your life.

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The more we spew, and the more honestly we do it, the better. Try that on Wall Street. We actors love it.

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You can use it. PG: You felt that release as kids? VD: No, I just wanted out. As much as I loved my parents, I wanted an escape.

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EF: Same here. My parents did the best they could. But I grew up with so much craziness and turmoil at home, and I was in charge of fixing all of it. Being at school, or in plays, was a relief to me. I had such responsibility beyond my years at home. VD: I was bullied at school. The black girl in Central Falls, Rhode Island, in I will always be the kid whose girlfriend broke up with him when I was And I still do. I feel like the voice for all women of color sometimes. EF: The freedom of acting was not having to be in my own life. VD: So many women characters are extensions of male fantasy.

So, when they gave me a character whose adjectives were hard, manipulative, sexualized, it said something to me about trauma. It said: When she walks out the door, she has to have her hair and makeup perfect. She has to be three times better than anyone else. They can see themselves putting a retainer in their mouth at night to keep from grinding their teeth ….

EF: This woman knows my life. VD: Listen, we have sex like that, too. PG: You two are on the front line of new women on TV: leading characters with terrible flaws. Being likable is way overrated. Potato Head. Make a list of things we can give you to make your life easier. VD: What do I need? I can take care of myself. It creeps me out. VD: I was just going to say that. EF: When they start to assume: This must be because I really am hot stuff. If success comes early, it can mess with you.

We represent a tiny percentage of the profession. PG: Do you worry about longevity? VD: I am a character actor. PG: You are sober, Edie. EF: The first script about Jackie had nothing to do with drugs or alcohol. And when it came up, I fought it. VD: We have a lot of secrets as people. PG: How well did you know your character, Annalise? But the foundation of who she is, I give to [creator] Pete Nowalk. Hold up a paper bag to your face.

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I wanted to play a fully realized, dark-skinned woman, and just doing that alone could be revolutionary. Have you been stung by that? PG: Is it fair to say you took your stand in your moving Emmy speech, Viola — those beautiful lines of Harriet Tubman? There are great actors out there who will never have the chance to show what they can do. PG: Do you consider producing content for yourselves? Send me the script.

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I love doing my job, which is: You come up with the story, and I will take it and filter it through my experience and perform that person. So I created a production company with my husband.

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And a Barbara Jordan project that Tony Kushner is writing. VD: Necessity is the mother of invention. VD: Any day.

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EF: Thank God for that. EF: Wow, wow. EF: There you go.

Women wants sex Viola

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